CPAN Testers Beta

This site is a collection of pre-release projects not yet ready for the main production site. Use these projects at your own risk: They may disappear or change without warning.

If you find these projects useful and would like to help make them production-ready, you can see the CPAN Testers Web project on Github, ask about the project on the CPAN Testers Discussion mailing list, talk to us on #cpan-testers discuss on or e-mail the project leader at

Active Projects

Website Mockup

This is a mockup of a new CPAN Testers website using the Mojolicious web framework and the Bootstrap frontend library.

View the CPAN Testers Mockup

Distribution Dashboard

This is a demonstration of using the CPAN Testers API to build a dashboard for a CPAN distribution which displays the last few release versions, and charts showing the pass/fail percentages on different OSes. It uses the Vue.js JavaScript library for interactivity and HighCharts JavaScript charting library for dynamic, interactive charts.

View the Distribution Dashboard